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Groznjan is a 14th-century Venetian town , known nowadays as Town of Artists - an arts colony, where, since 1965, painters, sculptors and musicians comes to live and work. Groznjan is one in the row of pretty Istrian hill top medieval towns,architecturally similar to Motovun or Pazin. This small town in the central part of Istria, located 8 km southeast of Buje, 26 kilometers north east of Porec, situated on the plateau above the River Mirna valley at elevation of 260 meters.

Groznjan location provides breathtaking views over Adriatic Sea as well as over River Mirna Valley too. Some of Groznjan monuments are still preserved until today and Groznjan's medieval urban core has remained untouched for the most part. : the main town gate on the eastern side of the town, as well as a part of the ramparts.Next to the gate is the Renaissance loggia from the end of 16th century. On the main square is the Baroque parish church Crkva Svete Marije. At the foot of the hill, just under the town itself, on the Mirna river, in the place called Bastia, lays a small Baroque church of Our Lady of Grace.

The city of Groznjan is located 15km away from the seaside and represents an ideal day trip destination for Istrian visitors. The surrounding area offers good opportunities for walking and cycling to other picturesque old towns: Završje, Kostanjica or Šterna. During summers, from July to early September, concerts and music events are held almost every day, like concerts of classical music, a jazz festival etc. Among twenty private art galleries and studios, one can enjoy visual stimulation too. Groznjan is the meeting point of young musicians from all over the world through it's International Cultural Centre of Young Musicians that works from Groznjan.

Beside Croatian and Italian, which are the official languages, Slovenian, which many speak, on the streets of Groznjan many other languages can be heard too.